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About us

We are a group of small coffee growers, who with effort and dedication in the year 2006 unite thoughts and ideas. Beginning the foundation of a coffee processing program. In its different techniques, from the beginning of how to plant it, to turn it into a cup of coffee. In order to have better economic opportunities for the development of our families and the community.

In this way we are reforesting, with relation of plantings and new coffee plants and other species for shade. We are located in San Miguel Escobar, in the municipality of Ciudad Vieja Sacatepéquez, on the slopes of the 45km water volcano. South of Guatemala City.

Our coffee comes directly from small producers who cultivate and process their coffee with pride and care. All profits go directly to small producers, who invest in education, health care, housing and food necessary healthy families and prosperous community.

The small coffee producers organization creates opportunities to produce better coffee and better lives by relating the producer to the people who drink it. We see a new opportunity in every grain we produce.

Life is like a cup of coffee. It’s all in how you prepare it, but especially in how you take it.

– Anonymous

There is nothing like a cup of coffee to stimulate brain cells.

Sherlock Holmes

Our Services

We have more than ten years of experience in coffee growing services.

Coffe Tour

Take a coffee tour and experience the daily life of a coffee grower, getting in touch with nature.

Dry mill

We offer the service of dry mill, crushing and sorting.

Coffee Roasting Service

We offer you the roast service. Providing good service at a good price

Roasted and green coffee

Buy roasted coffee and green coffee (gold) and help the families involved in this project.

Our Products

With the purchase of roasted coffee and green coffee (gold), it helps the families involved in this project. We offer arabica coffee, harvested in the skirts of the volcano of water, in its different presentations.

Gold Coffee

Coffee Pergamino

Roasted coffee

Dry mill

Coffee Roasting Service

Coffe Tour

Typical lunches

Contact Us

If you wish to request information about our products, services, coffee tours, file your complaints and complaints, or send us congratulations, we invite you to fill out the following information.